Friday, June 26, 2009

I Have a Headache

Okay. So, today I napped. During her 8am feeding I kept nodding I know where that expression came really do nod. And so, when it came time for her 9:30 nap, we both laid down. It was awesome.

During this naptime, I cleaned the kitchen a bit. I'm always horrified when I clean my kitchen. There is always either black grime, or nasty crumbs, or little buggies that have been festering while I have NOT cleaned.

Lil R is screaming her head off right now, by the way. Any advice for me, mom's out there? She's driving me a little nuts.

Mandy had her little girl yesterday! Madelyn Faith Beck got here at 11:17am and weighed 7 lbs. and 13 oz. I'm going up to the hospital later when Kev gets home....he's going to watch lil R. Is it 5:00 yet????

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Mel said...

Bounce her and add a sway with her head hanging just a bit over your arm so her eyes droop on the downward pass, holding the passy in just so-to keep it from falling out while shes screaming, alternating loud shhing sounds and humming the only lullaby you can remember the melody to. Or... you can just turn the monitor down :)