Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Pictures

Here are some new belly pictures!! Also, some super-cute nephew-on-Valentine's-Day picts. Enjoy!
Mandy: 21 weeks Jenny: 29 weeks

Carter eating a heart pancake.

Carter eating a heart cookie.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today, my very generous boss took me and a professor out to lunch at a very fancy place called Truluck's . I was feeling the need for something healthy, so I ordered a salad....the Hot-House Tomato Salad. The menu description said it had bacon, cheese, red onions, and was covered with a buttermilk sauce. Sounded good to me! "I'll take one of those!" I said to the waiter. I should have known something was up when the waiter brought me a steak knife. A steak knife? For a salad? I thought maybe he was going to bring me the wrong order, but then he sat it in front of me. There it was......a HUGE tomato covered in bacon, cheese, red onions, and buttermilk sauce. No lettuce. Just a big 'ole tomato. It was surprisingly yummy and filling. I have a picture of it here for you......imagine this covered in buttermilk sauce (think Ranch).

Friday, February 6, 2009

Can You Think of Any Questions?

"Well, you're not anemic yet," my doctor's nurse said. And so the Iron supplements begin. You'll be happy to know that I passed my glucose test (I always want to say glaucoma). It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The red drink really did taste like Hawaiian Punch. AND when the nurse weighed me in I felt victory when she said, "Not as bad as last time." WooHoo! I did better. Which means I did nothing different except wear the lightest possible clothes that day. My work out didn't change, my eating habits didn't change, but somehow it was better. I'll take it.

We've decided on a pediatrician, because evidently if you don't have one when you go into labor, the hospital charges you out the wazoo to use one on staff. We picked a guy that some of our friends use. A referral by friends is good enough for me, but when I called the nurse wanted to know if we wanted to come in for a pre-natal interview. A what? I tried to tell her that wasn't necessary, but she almost insisted that we come in and meet the doctor and ask him questions. So, here's where my anxiety comes in. I'm not at all worried about some strange man I've never met checking out my daughter......wait a second. That came out wrong. I'm okay with not meeting our pediatrician before the baby comes, but to think of a list of questions is going to kill me. I don't know what to ask. Even if I knew what to ask I could find out on the internet or from friends and family. So, now I'm going to have to look online and see what kind of questions I'm supposed to ask and then act surprised and interested when the doctor answers them. Sheesh. I guess it's a nice service they offer to people.....maybe I'll ask Kevin to think of some questions.

We're officially in our third trimester today! It won't be long now!