Friday, January 30, 2009

Rounding Third

Well folks, it's official. The third base coach is waiving me home. There's no turning back. We just purchased and assembled a crib, which is now sitting in the baby's room, eagerly awaiting her arrival. After we put the crib together, it hit me - This is for real. Not that I didn't think this before. I am excited about our baby and can't wait for her arrival. However, having an actual crib in our house really, REALLY says "hey man your're going to have a baby." It is a bit surreal but super exciting! Hurry up baby ???? (insert name here).


We had an ice day on Wednesday! The ice only lasted until about noon and so we decided to drive on up to Ikea where we bought our crib! Check it out!
Kev with the man buggy

Check out those muscles!

Monkey Business

Kev the Builder

Almost Done!

Baby Crow's Crib! (view 1)

Baby Crow's Crib! (view 2)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Should Be Rich

Okay, so I found this cute website, and will probably change my background 20 times a day now. Sorry if this is annoying, but it's FREE decorations, people. I would change the decor in my house several times a year if it wouldn't drive my husband mad and break our bank. Sigh. I should have been an interior designer. I've looked at going back to school for some "credentials", but, dude, I can't do another four years. Especially now with little girlfriend Crow on the way. Plus, I think that if I were an actual designer, I'd only really enjoy it if I had access to unlimited funds. I'm not great at making something from nothing......those kinds of people amaze me. Put all the frills together for me and I'll buy it and stuff it in my house! I think I just really like change......which is tricky when you have things like jobs, family, limited funds. Those factors put limits on the amount of change that can happen in one's life. That's why I like haircuts and rearranging the furniture. They give me the little change-fix that I need with little disruption. Speaking of disruption.....where the heck is all of that ice the weathermen were predicting? They get a girl's hopes up for a school/work closing and then don't come through. Tisk.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Subway. Eat Fresh.

Well, says our little one is just over a pound and is almost a foot long. (Now I've got the Subway $5 foot-long song in my head). Lungs are developing and may have taste buds.....wonder if she likes jalapenos? I feel enormous. I've gained over 23 pounds and feel every single one of them. But, that's what pregnant ladies do, right? So, I'm trying to enjoy it. My next appointment is on February 6th and then I'll start going every two weeks!!! It won't be long now!!!