Monday, June 29, 2009

2 Month Appointment

BLAAAAAAGGGHHHH!! Super-stressor this morning. We took Reagan for her 2 month appointment. I dressed her in her super-cute cherry onesie and thought, "You're so cute! Let's go impress the doctors with how big you are!" When they put her on the scale, though, SHE HADN'T GAINED ANY WEIGHT. My baby weighed the same as she did when she was born. Not good. The nurse took us back to the room and we waited. She came back in and wanted to weigh Reagan again.....just in case the scale was messed up. Nope. The kid had not gained ANY weight. Immediately I was worried out of my mind.

When the doctor came in, she immediately wanted to know what the problem was. I didn't know how to respond, since I hadn't realized there was a problem until about 5 minutes ago. She asked about my milk supply, my eating habits, my exercise routine, Reagan's eating habits. She wanted to know if I was on a diet.........ummmmm, NO. She finally said, "I'm sorry to say, you have an insufficient milk supply." She gave me a chart and wants me to track boob feedings, wants me to feed her at least 3 oz. of formula after that, and wants me to track pumping and poops and peeps. We'll go back and see the doctor next week.

I feel AWFUL. Poor, poor, Reagan! She's been so hungry and I had no idea. Here are her stats:
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs. 5%
  • Height: 23.8 in. 96%
  • Head Circ: 14.8 in. 26%

Oh, I'm such a terrible mother. But! Now that I know there's a problem and what to do to fix it, we are gonna feed that little girl good. Watch out tummy!! It is the most awful feeling in the world to feel like you've been hurting your child. I cried and cried today. BLAAAGGHH.


phil said...

Aww... Don't cry!! I don't want you to feel like you are hurting her - none of us think you were!!

samandcharis said...

aww. sweet Jenny. You are a wonderful mother. I am certain of it.
Miss you.

Mel said...

Girlfriend don't you worry. The other day I gave the boy too much medicine on accident, then I put this lotion on his face when I wasn't supposed to, and I scratched his sweet face with my finger nail, and Sunday I bumped his little head on a basket in the nursery and made him scream. See, we first timers do the best darn job we can and then Jesus sends us mommies and doctors to help us out with the rest. You're super mom!

Christy said...

Oh, Jenny, I'm so sorry! Don't you worry about it. She will have those intoxicating thigh rolls before you know it! And like Mel, I could give you a laundry list of things I've done!