Monday, March 30, 2009

Whaddya Think?

Is this background any easier to read, friends? I had a couple people suggest that I change the background so that their eyes weren't so here you go! Love the cute birdies.

I think Reagan has a little marching band thing going on in my tummy. She's definitely handling all of the percussion section herself. And I think she's conducting the band, also. She is so
squirmy. It's like she knows there's more room out there somewhere and if she could! Hang in there, little one. You'll have plenty of room soon.

Speaking of soon......we're due in 32 days. Yikes! So much to do! So little weekends to do them in! I need a baby suite and a professional organizer, I do. And a maid. And a masseuse.

Monday, March 23, 2009

We Are His Sheep

Check out Reagan's bedding! Phil's mom made everything for us.....she's AMAZING.
You can't tell here, but the sheep are felt and their ears stick cute!!!
Thanks Mrs. Dolce!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Kev and I finally had our prenatal pediatrician's appointment today. It went much better than I anticipated. Parking was super-easy.....and it was free! A man (I think this was his job) stood at the elevator and punched the "up" button for us. Dallas!

We went straight to the office, but tried to go into the sick waiting room first, which was locked. And dark. We were confused. We looked around and saw another door with "well waiting room" and decided to try our luck there. Voila! There was the happy receptionist lady and colored tiled floors and cartoons and kids and toys and parenting magazines. Oh my. While we were waiting, one of the kids and her mommy were banished to the sick waiting room. It felt very exclusionistic. I definitely just made up that word.

Our doctor turned out to be a sweet lady with a cartoon character for a last name (I'll admit it...that's kind of why I picked her). She had kind eyes, talked really fast, and had great voice inflection. It was a really great meeting. I brought with me a "Top 10 list of things to ask your pediatrician" that I found online, since I had no real questions of my own (see previous entry), and she answered almost all of them in her introductory welcome speech. It was fabulous. She even gave me some ideas for childcare and told me I'd better get hopping on that one since a lot of places have wait lists. Dallas!